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The leadership development solution to train middle and senior-level managers

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We can run a special edition of this award winning program for your team only

Based on our deep experience with Small and Growing Businesses in emerging markets, we will provide a tailored solution for your managers, defining a schedule and location with you.

Do you have 12 employees or more who would benefit from a leadership development training that focuses on the most needed skills for middle and senior-level managers to drive innovation and growth at your organization? Do you want to define the starting date and the program calendar, or customize topics for your team’s needs? Do you prefer an online or an in-person training? Do you want us to train your managers at their usual workspace? Let us know and we are happy to define a custom edition of this program for your organization!


The program has an impact on three levels


Leading Self

Who am I as a leader? What is my leadership style? What are my strengths?

Leading Others

How do I create an environment where people can thrive?

Leading the Business

How does my organization create value? How can I best solve problems? How do I help scale my organization?

Key Benefits

Employers can expect:

  • Immediate business results as your staff acquire the innovation and leadership skills to manage the organization both in the present disruptive times and in a rapidly changing future.
  • An efficient manager development solution that doesn’t take your manager away from the business.
  • A localized curriculum to learn best practices from the cutting-edge of global leadership and management thinking, at affordable local prices.
  • A solution to talent retention challenges with more engaged employees.

Participating managers will:

  • Gain essential tools and leadership skills including strategy, systems thinking, innovation, team development.
  • Take advantage of a highly interactive, hands-on curriculum designed to transfer their new skills to their day-to-day job.
  • Implement a business innovation project that will create a direct positive impact on your business.
  • Develop a peer network.

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Leadership for Growth also runs in person or online with participants from diverse professional backgrounds across Asia. Read more about our award-winning program and nominate a manager within your organization.

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