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Creating impact is the reason why we go to work.

When we launched Amani Institute in 2011, we had a bold dream: to offer a new model of higher education, originating in the global south, for social impact professionals, accessible for people all over the world.
– Roshan Paul and Ilaina Rabbat, Amani Institute Co-Founders
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Amani Institute was founded to build much-needed talent and capacity in organizations addressing social problems, thus enabling more people to change the world by creating social impact.

We invite you to read our annual impact reports, take a deep dive into our work in the social sector and learn more about our progress.



In 2020, we ran a program for women social entrepreneurs across India in collaboration with ANDE India and The US Consulate General in Chennai. The 6-month engagement culminated in the creation of an all-women entrepreneurs’ network called WISEN (Women in Indian Social Entrepreneurship Network). Considering the backdrop of the program and the unprecedented challenges of 2020, we decided to capture the inspiring stories of how these women demonstrated agility and leadership and how our program supported them through the process in a publication.

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Participants engaged
Years since L4G was incepted
Customized training programs conducted
Attendees hosted at over 50 events

U.S. Consulate General, Chennai

Designing and facilitating a learning program for 40 women social entrepreneurs across India and formation of the WISEN network

The Amani Institute, in partnership with Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE), India and the U.S. Consulate General in Chennai, created a 6-month program called WISEN (Women in Indian Social Entrepreneurship Network) to fulfil 2 objectives: first, to empower Indian women social entrepreneurs and second, to build a self-sustaining network that can continue to support women entrepreneurs.

2016 – 2020


Multiple interventions to design and facilitate their internal accelerator programs for creating impact at scale

Amani Institute conducted a 6 month Impact@Scale accelerator program for Oxfam HECA. The program was intended to encourage internal innovation and incubate new approaches to help Oxfam staff develop new and strengthen existing initiatives and strategies that have potential for creating impact at scale. Based on the initial success, the program was subsequently adapted and implemented in Oxfam Asia in 2018 and 2019.


The Rockefeller Foundation

Design and facilitation of their first-ever ‘India Partners’ Meet’

Amani Institute partnered with the Rockefeller Foundation to design and facilitate their first ever meeting of all their partner organizations (grantees) in India. The objective of the 4-day, fully online conference was to enable cross-sectoral collaborations between the 40 attending Rockefeller Foundation’s partners who represent areas of focus such as energy, data and technology, mass entrepreneurship, food, and resilient cities.

2018 – Present

Upaya Social Ventures

Designing and Facilitating the Leadership curriculum for their Accelerator program

Each year, we run the leadership curriculum for Upaya Social Ventures’ accelerator program in India for early stage entrepreneurs who are raising capital. We help them develop skills to lead themselves and their teams in the 21st century.



Designing and Facilitating multiple programs with their senior leadership teams across India

Amani Institute was selected as a training partner for adult education and adult change, driving a ‘challenge culture’ at CRY. We enabled the leadership team to reach a commonly agreed goal towards people development before developing targeted competencies of their employees and facilitating a culture of accountability in the workforce towards owning their development.

2018 – Present

International Innovation Corps

Designing and facilitating the orientation program for their Fellowship annually, and other leadership programs.

Since 2018, we have partnered every year with The University of Chicago’s International Innovation Corps India program, which places teams of diverse young professionals within the Indian government and leading social enterprises. We have designed and facilitated a 5-day orientation program for the fellowship every year, as well as run multiple leadership and management workshops for their India Associates, Young Leaders in Tech Policy Fellows, Project & Team Leads and their management team.


Projects with 115+ organizations
Managers from 80 SGBs trained in emerging markets
SIM fellows from 70 countries
Participants engaged through programs in 25 countries
The Amani team does something magical with design and delivery of leadership and management skills workshops. The amount of effort and thoughtfulness that went into our program has resulted in the cohort that still stays connected and has now turned into a thriving network.
– Usha Devi Venkatachalam, Founder of Krishi Janani (Participant, WISEN)
I think it has been quite helpful in recognizing the value of the process. It’s not just something you sell to people. It has inherent value and can be applied to your own problem situations.
– Atul Sukumar, Senior Consultant, Sattva (Participant, L4G)
My new favorite word is prototype. Prototyping always seemed more applicable to products. But this process pushed me to try, test out and improve my ideas. It’s changed my whole approach.
– Anam Palla, Head of Strategy, Zindagi Trust (Participant, L4G)

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