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  • Understanding the guiding principles of Adaptive Leadership, along with tools and frameworks for application and practice in the real world
  • Learning how to differentiate between adaptive and technical challenges, how to make sense of problems for which old ways or solutions don’t work
  • Introducing the distinction between authority and leadership and reflecting on how they play out in our roles
  • Learning how to engage with stakeholders and map your strategy for influencing them
Beyond training, we also provide coaching to your teams and individuals in 1:1 or group formats – supporting their business and performance needs and enabling them to thrive in uncertain situations.
We can design and facilitate events or meetups for multiple stakeholders, external and internal, to come together and align on goals and chalk out actionable next steps.
We work closely with L&D Teams and actively listen to Leadership within your organization to understand the needs and challenges faced by individuals and teams performing different roles and functions. This informs a holistic learning strategy that we design and deliver so as to support the long-term goals for your organization.
We are able to curate ToT programs for all the topics mentioned on our website, should you wish to train your existing trainers on any of them. We also run workshops on facilitation skills, as a part of this offering.
  • Learning innovation from nature and the rapidly growing field of Biomimicry
  • Exploring how we can bring lessons from nature into our daily work and lives
This course benefits from place-based learning.
  • Understanding how to use business to drive impact
  • Introducing the 9 different elements that compose a Business Model Canvas (BMC) and what they mean for your organization / team in relation to your organization’s vision
  • Visualizing a 1-page business plan for your organization and effectively communicating this to key stakeholders
For social impact organizations, we introduce a version of the BMC that is customized specifically to NGOs and social enterprises.