L4G WSE Participant

Sreedevi Lakshmi Kutty (Devi)

Co-Founder, Bio Basics

Sreedevi Lakshmi Kutty (Devi) lives and works in Coimbatore. She is the Co-Founder of Bio Basics, a social venture committed to creating a market for organic food by sourcing and curating the full spectrum of organic produce and curating a wide range of traditional/ indigenous varieties.

Prior to this Devi worked for over 14 years on issues related to organic farming, conservation of seeds, and the movement for GM-free food.  She has written articles on sustainable food and has been supporting seed conservation work. Before that she worked in the public sector in India for 14 years and has a Master's Degree in Sociology from the University of Louisville, Kentucky, USA. 

Devi wants to make Bio Basics a successful venture as this would help 1000s of organic farmers to sell their produce and be encouraged to bring more and more acreage under organic farming. Through the curation of a wide range of indigenous grains and by making it popular among the larger public, Devi hopes to play a part in the robust revival of the vast agro-biodiversity we possess. It is this "giving to the future" that motivates and drives her in this entrepreneurial journey.

"This program will empower me to pursue the social and environmental goals of Bio Basics more effectively, while learning and building networks within the community of women entrepreneurs."