Sharon Weir

Co-Founder, 4th Wheel Social Impact

Sharon has pursued her MSc. in Development Studies from School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. She co-founded 4th Wheel Social Impact (www.the4thwheel.com) in 2010 and has designed and implemented more than 60 research, evaluation and communication projects for various Government departments, NGOs, Corporates, social enterprises, multilateral organisations, incubation and impact investing firms. Engagement with thematic domains have spanned education, health, livelihoods, water, sanitation, women empowerment, and corporate sustainability programs. Sharon is responsible for all projects undertaken at 4th Wheel and focuses on research design, service development and business strategy. She has been part of developing and delivering several professional development trainings and workshops across India. Sharon was chosen as one of the 50 young evaluators from 114 countries, to participate in an International Mentoring Program organized by the EvalPartners Global initiative and was selected as one of the 25 Young Founders for the Spring 2018 Westerwelle Young Founders Programme hosted in Berlin.