L4G WSE Participant

Poornima Sukumar

Founder, Aravani Art Project

As an artist, Poornima Sukumar has made a mark in society by using Public wall art and other interventions as an important medium for building peace, voicing opinions, and to create awareness. She started the Aravani Art Project in collaboration with the transgender community to address discrimination and other issues.

She is a muralist, artist and visual storyteller who loves traveling and teaching. She feels privileged to receive opportunities that work on social issues and human welfare, widely with young adults, children, women and transgenders. Her work involves a lot of travel and often to very discrete parts of the country where she bridges art and social welfare by reclaiming spaces. She is able to implement art and reach out to as many people as possible, intertwine their stories into creating narratives, awareness and rehabilitation, artistically.


"I would love to learn and understand newer ways to navigate and explore possibilities of growing with my commune."