Loy Nelson

Program Manager

Loy believes that working in the social sector is a calling that she received when she was very young. Since then she pursued that call and has been in the sector for the last 14 years working with children, women and the marginalised community. Over these years, she has worked at the grassroots, conducted research, implemented and monitored programs, delivered and designed training, scaled organizations and as well as created policy documents for organizations as well as State Governments.

Her career has seen her working with NGOs such as Prayas, New Delhi where she was an Investigator for a Child Abuse Study in India and Make A Difference, Bengaluru where she held multiple capacities including that of a Board Member. She worked as an Independent Consultant for UNICEF and the State Government of Kerala where she designed the Five Year Strategic Plan for Implementing Alternative Child Care in Kerala and Tamil Nadu and an Aftercare Policy Guidelines for Kerala.

In her journey she has coached and mentored hundreds of individuals who have been deeply passionate about the cause and want to make an impact. She has designed and delivered multiple trainings and led facilitation for over 12 years which include learning and development components, technical skills development training as well as quality and safety training. Her range of training and facilitation range from children who are 12 years old to individuals above 40 years of age. She believes that the power of investing in people to drive outcomes and empowering individuals with the skills and perspectives is game changing .

Loy has a Postgraduate Degree in Sociology from Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi. Outside of work, she loves spending time with her family, loves reading, baking and trying her hands at the piano.