L4G WSE Participant

Gowri Gopinath

Founder, YellowBag

Gowri was born & educated in Madurai (M.Sc in Computer Science) as a middle class girl whose family believed in education as a tool for upliftment. It was a dream come true for her entire family when she joined IBM as a software professional in Bangalore. Having spent a decade there, she realized her calling is for the city she belongs to. As a mother, the state of the planet's destruction bothered her. She along with her husband took up the task of promoting cloth bags which created a livelihood for women & ensured reduction of plastic bag usage. She now leads a large team of like-minded professionals striving to "make people act for the planet" at her start-up - YellowBag. 

“I want to build a global organization to promote planet first practices amongst people while empowering the vulnerable, especially women.”