SIM Alumni

Bassem Youssef

Bassem Youssef is an Egyptian/Canadian currently living in Cairo, Egypt. After working as an architect for 7 years, he shifted to the youth development sector in order to fulfill his life passion of changemaking through inspiring and impacting young people to develop and become the best versions of themselves. Bassem pursued a life coaching certificate from the "Universidad Fransisco De Vitoria, Spain", and has gradually developed a career of utilizing coaching in the field of outdoor and adventure education and exploration.

Bassem spent three years volunteering with several different charity and development organizations in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Sudan, India, and Nepal. He has also worked in Wellspring Experiential Camp in Egypt and Youreka Adventure Camp in India. Currently, he is passionate about starting his own social enterprise focused on youth development through outdoor experiences. He has joined Amani Institute’s Social Innovation Management Program in order to realize this dream.