L4G WSE Participant

Ayswarya Balakrishnan

Co-founder, IntelliBricks India

​An MBA with 17+ years of experience, Ayswarya Balakrishnan is the  co-founder of IntelliBricks India and hails from the cosmopolitan city of Coimbatore. A staunch and passionate educator, she dedicated the past decade and a half towards building an environment for young children to explore their creativity and retain their inborn divergence. A meticulous worker and enterprising entrepreneur, she is in pursuit of her passion in the field of educating young minds. During her career journey among various leading and prestigious institutions she has also worked as Junior Secretary at Southern India Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI) and is also the founder of KiddoGo Early Childhood Learning Centres. Her unwavering involvement to bring about a change in the society of tomorrow is noteworthy. The excitement to network, bond and give back to the society along with like-minded fellow entrepreneurs through programs such as this is something that she always looks forward to.

“I am looking forward to being a part of the L4G WSE program because there is going to be an abundance of opportunity to learn, network and bond with like-minded fellow entrepreneurs.”