Anne Miltenburg

Founder, The Brandling

Anne Miltenburg is The Brandling; a travelling brand developer on a mission to empower changemakers to create bigger impact through branding. She believes branding and brand thinking are crucial in helping social entrepreneurs, scientists, activists and educators to articulate their mission, and get them the audience and support they deserve. Using self-­developed, simple strategic tools and models, she opens up the branding process to co-­create brand strategies on location. With a home base in The Hague, she has lived and worked in places as diverse as Paris, Bamako, Seoul, Sydney and Riyadh. Before striking out on her own, Anne worked with renown agencies Studio Dumbar, Lava and Interbrand developing brands for clients ranging from large global fashion retailers to human rights activists. Besides her work as The Brandling, Anne is a board member of the Association of Dutch Designers (BNO), a guest lecturer at the Design Academy Eindhoven, Hong-­Ik University in Seoul, a.o. She is the founder of Designistan, which develops content, events and programs around design and creativity.