SIM Alumni

Akash Chander 

Brazil Class 10

Akash Chander is originally from India and has lived most of his life in Dubai, UAE. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics from New York University (NYU) with minors in Psychology and Business and has worked with Deloitte Consulting for the last few years. At Deloitte, Akash has advised and supported the governments of UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Oman on large public sector programs aimed at economic and social development, developing expertise in areas such as program management, digital transformation, and performance management.  

He is now intent on finding innovative and scalable ways to empower communities economically and is keen to develop the skills, experiences, and network through Amani to enable the achievement of this goal. He strongly believes in the power of community, empathy, innovation and determination to facilitate economic justice and ensure a life of dignity for all.