SIM Alumni

Abdullah Al-Qayyim

Founder, Lingobox and For Iraq

Abdullah is a social innovator, digital marketer and designer. He holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from University of Jordan and has worked for a while in the U.S., Dubai and Amman. He's currently running his own nonprofits: Lingobox, which is a platform that highlights and empowers talented Iraqis from all over the world. He currently does consultancy work for startups in Iraq and Jordan and recently won an award from United Nation Volunteers in Jordan. He's passionate about innovation and making the world a better place. He believes that everyone can be a changemaker, especially as an immigrant who grew up in Iraq and Jordan and always likes to meet other immigrants who are doing great work. Abdullah is also passionate about languages and communication, he currently speaks 4 languages and is trying to learn a 5th one.