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Jul 19,2022

My Evolution As a Leader

I woke up a few days ago to a Google notification – “check out this memory from 5 years ago.” ...

Mar 29,2022

From Management to Leadership

Most of the time, the articles we publish about our Leadership for Growth (L4G) program tend to focus on the ...

Oct 30,2021

Demystifying Stakeholder Management

“Bonjour Monsieur, comment allez-vous?”, were the first words I said to a French gentleman who headed a business function in ...

Sep 01,2021

Responsible Leadership - The driver of growth in emerging markets

“Good leaders are one of the most important components of growing organizations. Strong leadership requires several elements working in harmony. ...

Apr 20,2021

Impact Investing: A New Lens for Social Change in India

Rising demand for socially responsible and change-driven financing has created new ways of disseminating capital. Over the past decade, the ...

Mar 24,2021

How Adaptive Leadership and Innovation Skills Transformed a Product Development Team

Meet Mukhil Anand Asokarajan is a high-energy innovator who leads the product development division at Zifo RnD Solutions. As part ...

Mar 19,2021

Amani Institute India Introduces Their Advisory Council

Amani Institute in India is very excited to announce the creation of a new Advisory Council. With experience ranging from ...

Mar 17,2021

Leadership For Growth: When "Prototype" Becomes Your Favourite Word

Amidst the one-year-since-covid-19 reflections, on Saturday, 13th March 2021, Amani Institute in India graduated the first cohort of an entirely ...

Mar 09,2021

Innovation in Hiring for Challenging Positions in Pakistan

One thing organizations can agree on across the globe is that passionate, committed, and innovative leaders are needed to create ...