Amani Institute Among the “Escape top 100 Organizations” to Work for in 2021

February 18, 2021


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The Escape 100, an annual campaign to recognize organizations that care about their employees and the planet, reveals the top 100 organizations to work for in 2021. Amani Institute is among them!

The list marks excellence in a number of key areas including innovation, impact, environmental concern, and most importantly, employee engagement. The campaign was created by Escape the City, a platform that connects its global community of purpose-driven jobseekers with mission-led employers. 

Despite delays and setbacks due to the pandemic, 8,000 nominated organizations were assessed against six key criteria and reviewed by their employees to identify the top 100. 

The list comprises a diverse range of organizations, varying in size, industry, and location, but all united as purpose-led organizations that exist to solve real-world problems. Food-waste, clearing up the oceans, and access to education are key themes among this year’s top 100, with food-waste fighting app Too Good to Go taking the top spot for 2021.

Dom Jackman, Founder of Escape the City, said:

“For many organizations, reasons to celebrate in the last 12 months have been few and far between. Our mission has always been to shine a light on organizations doing things differently, but it feels more important than ever this year. As we look ahead, we know that progressive employers will have an important but challenging part to play in helping the economy to not only recover but build back better. We wanted to celebrate extraordinary businesses in an extraordinary time, and the diversity of organizations on the list this year reflects that.

But it’s not just for recognition’s sake. The job market is still dealing with the impact of the pandemic, and job seekers will have to work harder than ever to find opportunities that align with their values. This list has been designed to rank organizations on the metrics that really matter. What are they doing to save our planet? How do they look after their people? What problems are they solving? These are all things that job seekers want to know in 2021, and we hope this list helps talented people discover interesting opportunities and organizations that they might not have found otherwise.”

Daniel Bennett, CEO of Amani Institute, said:

“It certainly is a great honor to be named in the company of other organizations who are doing such great work across the world.  For any successful organization, having a team that takes pride in what they do and feel like they belong is a prerequisite. We view ourselves as a conduit of positive impact through our work with our Fellows and clients but it is of the utmost importance that as an organization, we first embody the values we teach externally amongst ourselves. This recognition is an affirmation of the efforts we make on a daily basis to make sure our employees feel valued and integral to what we do.” 

Find the entire list, titled The Escape 100: Best organizations to escape to in 2021, here.