Varun Mukerji

Business Development and Partnerships Manager

Passionate about social impact, the intersection of tech & society, news/media literacy, and behavioral economics; Varun leads business development and partnerships for Amani Institute in India. He is eager to connect with organizations and individuals who want to develop their leadership skills and build purpose into their work. Varun has worked in events, public relations, copywriting, intercultural training, design, and real estate, before formally switching to the world of social impact. In 2017, he co-founded Reach, a company to support social sector organizations with their program design, monitoring & evaluation, and impact measurement. The company also launched Besides, an initiative to build awareness and nuance towards critical yet polarizing information, and crowdfunded Mantri Cards, a top-trump card game on the members of parliament in India. Varun also volunteers as City Leader for Sofar Sounds in Pune. Through his experience working with stakeholders across the spectrum of the social and private sector, he is sensitive to the operational and managerial issues, challenges, and motivations of gig workers, project managers, and organization heads. This experience, along with his background as a social entrepreneur, greatly informs his association with Amani Institute.
Parallel to work, when he’s not watching or playing basketball, Varun can be found devouring long-form articles or podcasts on science, social psychology, history, political ideology, business, pop culture, comedy, the internet, and new media.