SIM Alumni

Pratiksha Jawanjale

Associate Consultant (CSR Advisory), Sattva Consulting

Pratiksha is a social impact consultant from India who graduated as a mechanical engineer, and then turned into a development professional to chase passion, purpose, and meaning in life. As a creative person, she realized over time that her primary interests lie in tackling social issues rather than manufacturing mental parts.

In search of hands-on experience of a grassroots approach to development, Pratiksha joined the Gandhi Fellowship, an experiential 2-year residential fellowship course in transformation leadership. During this journey, she imbibed the values of being ethical and grounded and learned the skills required to influence government and lead people.  

Currently, as a part of the CSR advisory team at Sattva Consulting, she manages the CSR portfolio of a global financial services group that has more than 15 projects across India. She works closely with the client in designing strategies and providing end-to-end implementation support for their projects.

Pratiksha believes that impact is not a final destination but something to be continuously pursued, and she is an Amani Fellow because she hopes to become a part of a global community of impact-driven professionals. Pratiksha is diligent and articulate in her approach, and her interest lies in Systems Thinking, Poverty Alleviation, and Education.