SIM Alumni

Martina Horvath

Martina studied Environmental Management at the University of São Paulo. She has spent most of her life in Serra da Cantareira, an environmentally protected area in Brazil. This experience made her passionate about working professionally with society and its relationship with the environment. While studying at her university, Martina worked in the Green and Environmental Secretariat at the São Paulo City Hall. In 2013 after graduating, she was hired to work at the Brazilian Institute of Consumer Protection, with a focus on sustainable consumption and urban mobility.

For the past three years, she has worked with the Bike Anjo network and believes that a network of people with similar purposes can create great changes in society. She is currently organizing a group of women to bring more female cyclists to city streets, making the streets safer and friendlier. This experience has given Martina clarity about her purpose, which is changing the perspectives of people through simple social projects. She sees this job as the most important step of her career so far, as it has helped her visualize community transformation.