Gui Sarkis

Founder, Global Sapiens

Gui is an educator and entrepreneur who is passionate about helping leaders in organizations use their creativity to solve wicked problems. He founded Global Sapiens, an innovation agency that supports the development of sustainable solutions to the world's greatest challenges, and he also collaborates with other agencies across several countries.

Gui has worked with large organizations, small businesses, and startups. He’s an expert in Design Thinking, Creative Problem Solving, and many other innovation frameworks. By designing and facilitating educational journeys for his clients, he empowers them to harness their own creative potential, learn new creative problem-solving skills, and face complex challenges in their organizations and the marketplace with competence and confidence.

Gui is particularly talented at working in social enterprise and social entrepreneurship settings. He’s a skilled Outdoor Leadership facilitator and an enthusiastic learner and explorer. A former digital nomad, regularly changing continents and time zones, Gui loves speaking and learning new languages, and forging an ever broader worldview. He has a background in martial arts, spends lots of time on a bicycle and a slackline; rarely both at the same time.