SIM Alumni

Dwaraka Tupurani

Dwaraka loves to introduce himself by sharing that he was born in Bombay but grew up in Mumbai, speaks 3 native Indian languages plus English, and his mother is Gujarati and his father Telugu. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Media, he has interned with advertising digital media agencies, event- artist management projects and logistic activities (2009-15). Recently, he worked with a start-up which employs people seeking work related to housekeeping in Mumbai. He also feels local in Panchgani, initially visiting this location as a leisure destination, later working with organizations by contributing to activities related to hospitality management. During turbulent times in 2016, he received a new lease of life when he began working with Initiatives of Change - addressing global needs through personal change. He loves motorbike rides, cooking and eating vegetarian food and is deeply interested in the art of Non-Violent Communication.