SIM Alumni

Ayush Rai

Ayush is a deep believer of Compassionate Capitalism and Collective Consciousness and thus, with an inclination towards Amani`s Social Innovation Management Program, Ayush is looking forward to a great learning experience and meeting people from diverse cultures and domains.After graduation, Ayush worked with a product start-up ‘LimeTray’ across departments managing people and regulating the overall growth of the company (operations, business development, marketing and product management). Apart from technology and entrepreneurship, he has been actively involved in music, arts, culture and languages. Ayush have headed Marketing Club, AIESEC, Banaras Film Society, TECHNEX etc. and is a trained Indian Classical Veena player (an Indian reed instrument).Ayush has been a Yatri (delegate) at Jagriti Yatra (2014)-a 15day entrepreneurship train journey across India to understand various models of social development with a final aim to build the India of smaller towns and villages through enterprise. He also attended Russian Economic Forum (2015) where the concentration has been more on Russian Economic Policies against a backdrop of world economics and international trade. He has always been interested in SMEs, Startups, Economics and Entrepreneurship; although coming from an engineering background, he hardly had any chance to study these subjects in detail. After working for more than a year, Ayush decided to work on a more productive and impactful project so as to find better sustainable solutions.